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Meet The Racer : Tag & The Ripper

Tag is a newcomer to the Rimba Grand Prix, an event he's been dreaming to take part in since he was young. He possesses a natural talent for racing and is quick to adapt to new challenges.


Meet The Racer : Axle & The Falcon Mach-1

Nicknamed ‘The Ace' for his unmatchable racing skill, Axle is a veteran of the sport and reigning champion of the Rimba Grand Prix. Supremely confident of his own abilities, he shows little to no interest in the other racers and is ruthlessly efficient on the race track.

Meet The Racer : Sonny & The Boomboxer

Sonny is a jovial racer with a love for racing, snacks and video games. Due to his optimistic and easy-going nature, he is quick to diffuse tension and provides the voice of reason even in heated situations.

Meet The Racer : Wrecks & The Atlas

A dangerous combination of brute force and awesome skill, Wrecks is an immensely intimidating racer. Brooding, ill-tempered, and quick to harbor contempt, Wrecks is not the kind who will back down from a fight; he has always fought hard to achieve his goals and he plans on keeping it that way.

Meet The Racer : Tamira & The Lunar Shadow

A fierce and tenacious female competitor in a male-dominated sport, it is no wonder that Tamira has earned her reputation as the fearless loner.