The Rimba Grand Prix is a motorsport event held annually, with twenty races per season over the course of six months in various track locations around the world. The event consists of a series of individual races, each with its own unique racing track and obstacles specially built to challenge even the most skilled of racers.

Every year, 10 hand-picked elite racers are selected to compete in this prestigious event. Each racer competes with their own heavily-customized racing vehicle, packed with hidden gadgets and devices designed to give them an edge over the competition. This is the 13th season of the RGP – who will be the next champion to claim the coveted RGP trophy?
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  • RULE 01:
    “The Rimba Grand Prix is a point-based system. The champion is determined by the total amount of points accumulated throughout the season.”
  • RULE 02:
    “Racers entering the sport must compete individually. However, each racer is allowed to assemble his or her own pit crew.”
  • RULE 03:
    “Racers competing in the Rimba Grand Prix must be in full ownership of their own vehicle; RGP will not bear the cost of maintenance, upgrades, retrofits and repairs of their cars and apparels.”
  • RULE 04:
    “Due to the volatile nature of the race, racers must have their uniforms fitted with fire retardant fabric and insulating material, and their helmets must pass all of RGP's safety requirements.”
  • RULE 05:
    “Each car can be fitted with either offensive or defensive capabilities, but each racer is allowed only one signature vehicle ability throughout the whole duration of the season.”
  • RULE 06:
    “The vehicle's special ability can only be used once throughout the duration of each race.”
  • RULE 07:
    “Complying with RGP safety regulations, all special abilities are required to be non-lethal and non-toxic to the track and other racers.”
  • RULE 08:
    “Intentionally endangering other competitors with the intent to cause serious bodily harm will result in disqualification.”
  • RULE 09:
    “Racers must wear their helmets and seat belts at all times throughout the whole duration of the race until it is officially over.”
  • RULE 10:
    “Racers who are found guilty fighting off the track will be penalised with a 3-race suspension.”