This animated series revolves around the experiences of Tag, a street smart racing prodigy who is invited to participate in the world's most prestigious racing competition: The Rimba Grand Prix. As a newcomer to the competition, he's determined to make a name for himself by clinching the title.

We follow Tag's rise to fame as he learns new skills and overcomes his personal weaknesses. Off the track, we get to join in on Tag's adventures as he gains new allies and clashes with the other racers who view him as a threat in their own quest for glory.
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Title: Rimba Racer Animated Series
Duration: 22 min per episode
Language: English & Malay
Commencement Date: Jan 2015

Rimba Racer is an action-packed animation series revolving around Tag, a talented rookie racer and newcomer to the prestigious Rimba Grand Prix, a racing competition full of tough rivals, dangerous challenges and hidden agendas.