The Ripper was designed and built by both Miles and Tag. Its lightweight aluminium chassis enables the car to absorb the shock of the Thunder Pounce and withstand most hard impacts without sacrificing speed and maneuverability.

Its rear-mid engine is specially engineered to distribute the car's weight and power throughout all four tyres, improving balance and further optimising race performance.

The Ripper is equipped with a cyclic turbine located underneath the body which generates heated compressed air in preparation for the Thunder Pounce. When fully charged, a powerful burst from the turbine launches the car into the air. Another burst can also be released to dampen the impact of landing.
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The Thunder Pounce is activated via the controller on the steering wheel. Multiple inlets around the car funnel air into the cyclic booster underneath the Ripper.

The turbines continue to heat up and compress the pressurised air into the booster's chamber until it reaches a critical level.

The pressured air is released downwards into a single powerful blast, launching the Ripper upwards. Once in the air, the twin turbines on the side of the Ripper propels the car forwards.

The turbine releases another radial blast of heated air to remove any obstacles and cushion the car's impact upon landing.